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Haixin electronic as R & D, excellent domestic manufacturers, different needs and long-term planning with particular emphasis on the region the user's. Through the marketing network all over the country, and gradually built overseas various marketing, service agencies, to provide first-class products and efficient service for the user tailored to the industry at home and abroad.

Adhere to the "all guided by the market, the market" headquarters and numerous provincial / municipal offices, and set up branch in national each big city; large area each marketing closely, marketing network all over the country.

The optimization of management process, close to customer needs, to help ensure the normal operation of the products.


一、 the user to comply with the storage and the use of conditions: the company's products since the date of delivery, 12 months, products such as because of quality problems and the damage occurred or not in normal use, the company responsible for the repair or replacement of free.

二、 as a result of failure the cause, in the warranty period will be repaired or replaced paid: 1. Due to the use of error, modified and not proper repair and other reasons;

The over standard requires the use of;

The damaged or improper use and man-made damage during installation;

In the earthquake, fire, lightning in reason, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters and the two disaster etc.;

三、 when there is a breakdown product: the user whether contact with suppliers or the company's customer service service department will get a satisfactory answer, for the customer to reflect the problems, we will give a reply within half a working day, the need to resolve the situation, after sale service personnel within 12 hours to arrive at the scene, the province 24 hours to arrive at the scene service. Fault product during the warranty period as the company manufacturing problems caused by, for free repair or replacement.

四、 the product more than the warranty period: if the product more than the warranty period after repair can maintain the function of the occasion, as compensation for the repair, repair can not work normally, be paid for change.